Why Unresolved Grief and Loss Can Fuel an Addiction

If you or someone you know is suffering from or at risk of an alcohol addiction,

take the next step and reach out to a Caron specialist at 800-854-6023 or contact us online.

Grief and loss are two of the primary drivers behind drug and alcoh...

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Chief Medical Officer at Caron Recently Published an Article in The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Chief Medical Officer at Caron just recently published an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer. The article is titled - Cannabis-related psychosis, addiction, ER visits: For young users, marijuana can b...

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Mental Illness and Addiction – Cause and Effect or Co-Occurring?

Substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health disorders are tightly interwoven. Symptoms can mimic or fuel each other. The recent release of the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) by the Substance Abuse an...

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Warning: Falls in Older Adults May Be a Sign of Addiction

Each year, about one third of those 65 or older will fall , and half of those will fall repeatedly. For an older adult, falls are a serious health concern -accounting for 70 percent of accidental deaths in persons 75 years of age and old...

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Behind the Numbers: Top-Tier Physicians’ Silent Struggle with Substance Use Disorder

A staggering 10 to 15% of healthcare professionals will struggle with a substance use disorder at some point during their career. Whether a physician, nurse, dentist, or veterinarian - no provider is immune to ...

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Is Medical Marijuana a Viable Treatment for Chronic Pain?

There s a great deal of conversation around the use of medical marijuana and whether or not it has any place in treating chronic pain. I recently sat down to offer my perspective not only on marijuana, but regarding CBD (cannabidiol) oil...

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The American Alcohol Problem: An Overlooked and Deadly Epidemic

It s 5:30 on a Friday at the end of a long week, and you ve just gotten home. Your boss yelled at you, you had to deal with an angry customer, and all you want to do is kick back and blow off some steam with a few drinks. It s been...

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3 years ago
I'm a mother. My son stayed at Caron Treatment center for a month an a half. I had to pay 25,000.00 of my retired savings. I lost my job the same week and got surgery the same week. My son is a Doctor, however at this moment he is a resident and if you have been one will understand that is basically no money. I will not leave my son alone, my husband and I will give our lives to save him. I think he is done, however they did recommend another facility in Philadelphia to give him the final touches. First we where told that it was done. Inside of me I think is only a reason to take more money, that we don't have. I know he is ready to go back to his life but they come out now with this situation. We can do nothing, is the only way to get out of this. Now does anybody will cured me of my stress and desperation? I lost my job the same week he was admitted to Caron, they didn't say anything about more treatment, the last time I was at their facility I was told that he was ready to s...
- Monica G
3 years ago
I can't believe Caron has no reviews here. That doesn't make sense. What a great treatment center. I'm saving a little money each month so that when my kids are about 27 I can send them here if they have a substance use disorder...I'm only half joking. I would definitely send my kids here, it is my worst fear that my son or daughter would struggle with the same genetic predisposition towards addiction that I struggled with and only half joking about having to save money in order to afford treatment at Caron. That said, in the right circumstance after all attempts at outpatient therapy have failed first I would definitely consider Caron. Inpatient treatment is only a start for addiction recovery and outpatient therapy should obviously follow inpatient and be tried first in most situations before inpatient. Caron is a traditional 12-step facilitation treatment center like about 85% of facilities in the United States so if you're not a fan of AA then this is not the place for you. T...
- Jeremy F

Learn More About Caron Philadelphia

 Based in Philadelphia, we are a rehab center for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We understand the complexity of addictions and want to combat them to help you get back towards a happy and healthy lifestyle. Our Philadelphia drug rehab center has a variety of addiction recovery programs, developed to cater your needs. While some of our patients feel comfortable with outpatient treatment programs, others feel inpatient treatments are more effective for the long run. In order to sustain our effectiveness for different addiction cases, we have introduced inpatient, outpatient, relapse prevention and alcohol detox, among other therapies for substance abuse and alcohol addiction. We're a team of rehab specialists who take addiction very seriously and strive to rid this vice from your lives.  

Residential Treatment Programs 

As the name suggests, this is a live-in care program where the patients are admitted to the facility to rid them of their excessive drinking or substance abuse habits. This is one of the most effective ways of dealing with addiction and ensuring the patient does not resort to relapse upon release. This is considered the last resort for anyone with an extreme case of addiction where individual monitoring is required. Including family visits and routine activities, our residential treatment programs have been designed to ease your mental stress and anxiety. One of the most common reasons for substance abuse is extreme stress. Once that issue is resolved, detox becomes easier.  

Outpatient Treatment Programs 

Outpatient treatment programs are for individuals who feel their proximity to their loved ones is better for recovery as opposed to moving into a rehab facility. This recovery treatment program requires the patients to visit the facility for different therapy sessions and carry out their routine lives as they were doing before the addiction treatment. They are not asked to move anywhere or quit any routine activities, rather advised to join activities where they can physically exert themselves for toxin release.  

Drug & Alcohol Detox Center 

It's a psycho-therapeutic program that detoxes you completely from drug or alcohol addiction. Our detox center involves one-on-one therapy sessions with our counselors who advice on how to change your drug abuse habits and replace them with healthier life habits. Our facility employs only professional therapists who are dedicated to serving your emotional needs and driving you out of depression. The process of detoxification starts with eliminating all traces of drugs from your body and dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. Once the body is ridden from drugs, it acts impulsively and uncontrollably. Withdrawal symptoms include extreme mood swings, anxiety, depression and nausea. All of these symptoms are common in most of our patients and we are trained to deal with them professionally.  

Substance Abuse Treatment 

Substance abuse treatment involves a number of therapy programs, however, inpatient program has to be one of the most effective ones. As per this program, the patient is required to reside in our Philadelphia rehab center, where they are kept under constant supervision. The process begins with elimination of consumption of the drug so there are no traces of it left in the blood. Next, the patient is given routine tasks and activities to distract himself from relapsing towards addiction. The recovery treatment involves our individual therapy sessions, group discussions and all other relevant activities that can help bring you back on track.  

Relapse Prevention 

This is one of the most crucial time periods during the detox programs. Relapse prevention involves all activities and methods used to retain a patient towards a healthier lifestyle and stop him from using again. It is considered as a cognitive-behavioral approach where patients are educated regarding the health benefits of staying away from drugs or alcohol consumption. A variety of methods are implemented during this step; including group discussions, drug tests, motivational talks, etc. The key is to keep the patient motivated towards a healthier life choice as opposed to their previous decisions.  

How Addiction is Affecting Philadelphia? 

In the recent years, Philadelphia has been a victim of opium consumption by masses. The addiction has killed over tens of thousands of people. According to a recent report, six people overdosed using opium died in just over fifteen minutes. However, the news spreads and people are aware of the consequences of this addiction. They refer to it as a "disease" but somehow, aren't able to resist the temptation of trying it out. We are constantly striving for a healthier community by doing all we can through our Philadelphia rehab center. At Caron, our mission is to educate the people who aren't aware of the damage addiction does to you and detox the people who have already taken a step back to recovery.  

What Happens After Rehab? 

There are a lot of ways to ensure the detoxification process remains intact and you are not relapsing again. Our post-treatment addiction recovery programs include Recovery Care Support - a group discussion program, Recovery Support Groups - group therapies and evaluations of patients who have left, and Alumni Family and Friends program - having all old patients and encouraging them to share their stories with current patients. We believe in serving you thoroughly, even after a specific program is completed. Detox doesn't stop with your treatment, it's a lifelong process that requires motivation, support and strength. We're here to make this journey easy for you.  


If you or a loved one has been abusing drugs or drinking too much and want to quit, head over to our rehab in Philadelphia for a consultation regarding your choice of treatment program. You can even call and talk to our rehab specialist on phone.  

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